Sharp Eyes For New Tech And SEO

Sharp Eyes For New Tech And SEOEvery year technologies in computing improve. This introduces a variety of products and techniques that the SEO wary need look out for. Believe it or not, there are still webmasters and marketers who haven’t handled the growing mobile market. They just can’t or won’t see the value in using new technologies to leap into our futuristic competition. That being said, it’s best to look at the mindset and approaches you’ll need to make as new tech emerges.

For the SEO marketer or webmaster, the amount of study can be exhausting. They have to be on top of the latest technologies and techniques. One slip up could mean a plethora of problems down the line. It means adapting to new technologies and techniques even when one has just finished adapting to familiar ones. This can be frustrating and in some cases, catastrophic. For example the mobile adaptation problem.

Since the majority of people use mobile devices for computing, websites have to be modified to suit that venue. The majority of searches are from mobile devices and if your website can’t be easily accessed or read because of Mobile’s dimensions and parameters, people are likely to ditch your site and go elsewhere. In a case like this, you’re losing money. If you own hundreds of sites, it’s going to be like starting all over again. That is going to cost you lots of time and money.

So if you had caught onto the mobile rise and used available tools, many of which are free, you wouldn’t have so daunting a series of tasks ahead. This is why you need to realize even things like voice search is something you had better be ready for. The rise of Artificial Intelligence, and in the near future, quantum computers.

It’s not a stretch to say that overnight, everything you’ve got on the web will need to be modified or scrapped altogether. Developers are already practicing and inventing new technologies that could become major profit. It’s happened before and it will happen again. The key thing here is the function.

People use computers to communicate and acquire. To do both they need to search for things. At present we use search engines. Just think what would happen if search engines were no longer need and some new search process emerged? It would cause chaos throughout the world’s markets. If some new search algorithm included far more advanced AI than is used now. The search engine or search technology would know from habit what you will be searching for and do it for you.

Scary, isn’t it?

Well, that’s just part of life. Things change for the better or worse. The difference here is that you have the power to adapt to those changes and use them to your advantage. It means staying up on the latest stuff as well as the theoretical. As harsh as competition on the web has proven, it’s not a position you would want to be in should you hesitate.

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Investing In A SEO Company

Investing In A SEO CompanySEO is one of the biggest investments regarding your website goals. After your initial website, getting it up and running and having a fair chance in the search engines means either knowing SEO or hiring an SEO company. We’ll look at some of the things you’ll need to consider and be aware of.


It takes a lot of patience to invest in SEO. SEO takes time in most cases. It’s because of the sheer volume of sites in existence and those that are pouring in every day. You’re up against millions, perhaps tens of millions of similar websites to yours and you’ll have to beat them to get a recognizable and visible position in the top search engine results. This means employing the latest in search engine optimization techniques and technologies. The SEO professionals will know all the tactics and techniques to engage in and that means knowing not only how a website should be designed, but also engineered. This is what an SEO company does best and it will take some time to complete and lots more time to see positive results.


A proper SEO company will have to spend the time learning about your site and educating you on what you’ll be responsible for. There are new terms in the field that you’ll need to learn and the SEO experts will have to study your particular niche to make sure they hit the right keywords, key phrases, and key groups that make your site unique, all the way down to your Local SEO needs. Everything on your site has the potential to put you at the top of the search engines in many areas. For example, let’s say your site is about new plumbing techniques. The SEO companionably to focus on those keywords, then on the special brand names regarding your products and services, and then on your location or any other noteworthy data that surfers might be searching for. You may have to teach the SEO company more about yourself and your field so that they can better analyze the competition so your site’s data will lead to champion results.


It might cost you a good penny to invest in an SEO Company. You’ll have to be on your toes here because you want a company that isn’t going for the cheap and neither should you. It’s not about spending a ton of money and expecting the best immediately. It doesn’t work that way. An honorable SEO company is going to give you an estimate and explain why that estimate is what it is. There should be room for negotiation and then you’ll have to trust them to do the job. Your investment money and your efforts will take a time to appear as to be working. It doesn’t happen overnight unless you have such a unique product or service and brand name that no one else is exploiting. If you’re looking to rise in the rankings while using a simple and common niche and keywords, the more money you’ll be paying. It’s because the competition will be fierce, and only money and skill will allow for an SEO company to bring you success.

Your Participation

Another factor is how much you’ll be willing to participate in the SEO process. An SEO company is going to have to depend on you to keep up your end. That means you’ll be responsible for maintaining your website professionally. Updating content answering questions, paying attention to new changes in technologies and tactics. It’s not a matter of you just dump money on an SEO company and walk away and expect everything to happen overnight. There will be areas of your website that you’ll have to upkeep and perhaps even accept new directions. If you’re not willing to do that, you might as well give up.


ISEOU is one of the most prominent SEO and PPC companies around. You’ll find lots of services available from them… They’ve got a small army of professionals who work diligently in order to see your investment bear fruit and bring you to as high up the search engines as is possible. You’ll find a friendly and informative staff who will take the time to answer your questions and enlighten you on what you’ll need to do to gain that SEO success you’re looking for.

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Content Length A Key To SEO/Content Marketing Success

Content Length A Key To SEO/Content Marketing Success There’s a debate raging regarding how many words per article or post one’s content marketing strategies call for in gaining ground in the SEO game. There are pros and cons to short and long content but we need to look at why.

Articles and posts that you’re using for content are geared toward two goals: increasing search engine rankings and providing valuable data to your customers and potential customers. The results are valued organic traffic that leads to conversion into sales and retention for repeat sales. That being said, one has to provide the kind of content that not only attracts surfers but serves these two primary goals.

Research says that both short and long content can improve one’s SEO goals. The problem here is that length has its overall merits but valued content is of more importance. If you’re producing 1,0000-word content, which Google favors, that content can’t be just you rambling on about any given topic. You have to provide useful data so that people can find the content of value and application. If you choose to produce shorter content like as in 300 words, you had a better pack that content with a plethora of valuable information.

Entertaining and interaction are valuable as well. If your 1,000-word article doesn’t bring a surfer to want to engage in your site or its social media, then you’ve just wasted space. If a 300-word article has people flocking to your comment section and making purchases, then that’s the better route. The bottom line here is creative, valuable, engaging, and interactive quality content.

So, keeping your content marketing straggly afloat by providing relevant content no matter what the length would seem like good advice, but it’s not that easy. Statistics still show that the longer the content, the more people like it, will link to it, and share it. This is because of the social media angle which cannot and should not be ignored.

Yes, this can be confusing but we have to look at the science behind this all. Google is looking at a problem that has risen that has totally clogged up the search engines with useless and idiotic content. It’s due to people thinking that the more articles they post that are full of keywords, known as keyword stuffing, don’t provide the public with the kind of valued experience Google wants their surfers to have. They don’t want their surfers going elsewhere for information because their search engine rankings are full of spammers. To combat this Google has noticed that the scammers don’t want to spend the money required to hire writers of quality but only writers who can spam to their heart’s content. There are literally thousands upon thousands of unscrupulous marketers out there that churn out article after article, just a few hundred words long that offer little or no valuable data.

The bottom line to all this is that statistically, longer content is by default looked well upon by Google. This means that to maximize your SEO and content marketing efforts you’ll need to produce articles of 750 words and longer, preferably about 1,000 words, but that content has to be well written, contain valuable and pertinent information to the surfer and bring the surfer to the point of depending on you and your efforts so they’ll tell others as well as come back for more.

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Prepare For The Future Of SEO

SEO, Prepare For The Future Of SEOKnowing what trends will blow up online is the most important skill you can have as a webmaster or content marketer. There are experts all over the place yet only a rare few can actually nail down what will eventually be the game changers in the industry. One can hedge one’s bet by just realizing that the future of SEO is honesty and sound technical application. Ignoring these two primary factors are going to lead to many websites falling off the map.

First of all, one has to realize that the old techniques of SEO are going by the wayside, yet there are still SEO companies promoting and using these useless tactics. It’s because they’re lazy and impatient and are only out to bilk customers for the quick money. You need to know as a customer, that any SEO company you go to has to be on top of their A Game and not lead you around to an expensive and frustrating experience. Tomorrow’s SEO game calls for tossing out the old, enhancing the sure fired present skills, and mastering the future trends.

Before you panic and think you’ve got to drop everything you now know, don’t. It’s just a matter of not being stubborn or an obnoxious know-it-all, thus being able to embrace sensible and logical SEO engineering.

Link building:

Link building is a staple of today’s SEO. It calls for having links coming to and going from your website. Since search engines used to favor the number of links a site had, people would stuff their websites with links to the point of overwhelming. Google and the other search engines caught onto this tactic and now it will get you penalized severely. That doesn’t stop some scammers from conning customers into thinking it works. What will work for the foreseeable future are links that have relevance to a site, provide valuable data, and are from authority sites.

Mobile is the big winner here. Mobile is soon going to be the ultimate power in the universe like the Death Star. Within a few years, mobile will be the default to computing and your websites had better be designed and engineered to exploit this change most efficiently. Luckily there are free online tools from Google to help you do this. If you hire an SEO expert, make sure to ask about mobile. Take into account, however, that devices used for mobile today might be obsolete within five years. That being said, you’ll need to keep up on everything mobile so you’ll not be left in the dust.

Voice search is another thing to be considered. Computing is being engineered for the easiest usage so that hands-free options are available. Now that Siri is popular and people are used to it, the technologies behind voice operated systems are going to improve a thousand-fold. That means more options to search using voice. SEO must be able to accommodate voice search as it’s predicted voice will be a dominant factor in the years to come and more.

There’s a good chance new search options will emerge like ‘eye search’ where computer operation is initiated and controlled by eye movement either by some sort of glasses or sight responsive device. It may be a few years before this kind of technology hits the shelves, but it’s better to be ahead of the curve and study up on such futuristic search options.

There are far more futuristic concerns for SEO and it’s a good idea to do your homework. Attend an SEO seminar online or live. Ask the questions and test the systems but don’t think you can outsmart Google.

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Social Media Marketing Is The New SEO Hang

Social Media Marketing Is The New SEO HangIf you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of social media marketing, then you’re so far back in the pack that you’re looking at tails. The reasons for using social media in your marketing should be obvious, however, not everyone knows to what degree this field can go and what the benefits are.

First of all, there’s no magic bullet that will make you a star via social media. The number one talent you’ll need is creativity. Add to that, innovation, knowledge, strategy. There are so many social media platforms out there that it can be overwhelming. Trying to put out content on each of them is a chore. The value is that if you don’t rank high on the search engine pages, you can rank higher with social media which later will impact your Google results for the better.

The reasons for social media being a great source of traffic is because you’re dealing with the public directly. Unlike battling for attention on Google, with social media, you can get results fast in real time. Even if it’s delayed you’re still getting a response from the potential customer which is called organic traffic, the best there is.

Not everyone can be a star on social media, as a matter of fact, there are people who couldn’t post on Facebook without burning down their own house or destroying the Free World. It’s because they’re either incompetent or just menaces. Social media works best when you’re cheerful, courteous, and above all, funny. A great sense of humor can be the difference between success and failure. Your posts, commentaries, interaction with others, should have a humorous flair, but not disingenuous. Don’t make enemies or they can turn on you causing chaos. Instead, remedy the negative stuff with a good joke or just a smile. You want people to feel comfortable coming to your site not worried that they’ll get clobbered by some knucklehead.

Utilizing as many social media venues as possible can burn up lots of time. There are apps that allow for you to manage your social media adventures. These apps can post to most or all of the major social media sites. The commentary coming in, the shares, the inbound relevant links, all load up your SEO for the good. The reason being is because Google’s software algorithms look at these posts and related commentary, links, shares, as an indicator that your site, your brand, is interesting to people not only in your niche but from other sources of interest. It means you’re providing a service of value to the surfer, and Google wants their surfers to benefit from their searching experience so that they won’t wander off to the competition.

You’ll know if you’re successful pretty quickly. You’ll be answering and replying to commentary on your posts and getting requests for more. Provide solutions to people when they ask for help, however, that help you provide should dovetail into traffic to your website. Do this without spamming your URL, but put your URL in your sig and other allowable places so you don’t get busted for spamming.

As you continue to apply these techniques and tactics with your SEO skills, you’ll grow at different rates but always upward. You’ll become a nexus point of sorts and an authority in your area of business. As this happens your search engine rankings should rise, especially if you fine-tune such things as Local SEO and other subcategories of SEO.

Basically, at the end of the day, you want your website to be the ‘Hang’ or hangout for people who are looking for goods and services that you provide. When that happens you’ll have retention and conversion on a regular basis, and that ain’t bad.

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The Need For Google AdWords

The Need For Google AdWords

In today’s online marketing strategies, the one avenue you cannot live without is Goggle AdWords.

Google AdWords is the king of online advertising. First of all, Google is the world’s largest search engine, thus traffic from Google is essential for success for the online business. The sheer number of people who use Google to look for goods and services is astronomical, to say the least. Anyone with an online business cannot take Google AdWords for granted.

Unlike other ad programs, the money you invest to promote your business is easy to see going to work as well as a return on investment that is in the positive range by default. You only pay for the clicks to your site and you’ve got live statistics for this. Learning how to optimize your are another upward step, but by default, Google AdWords can do a remarkable job none the less.


Google is so huge that it’s got resources no other search engine has. It constantly is improving its algorithms for more precise and relevant results. They weed out the bad guys and make it easier for customers to get a greater return on their investment. The sheer size of Google is enough, but you still have to know how to use Google AdWords effectively. This can be done by using some of Google’s tools that are free, but the next step is to seek out a Google AdWords specialist that can optimize your Google AdWords campaigns for maximum return. Since Google can return traffic from numerous effective sources, the click to your AdWords should come from someone who is interested directly in what your keywords in your ad are. People will search for a brand, a type of service, the location of the service. This is where Local SEO comes in because by adding the name of the city and state you’re in within the AdWords as keywords, you’ll have increased your chance of success.


Google likes to make their tools and projects easy to use. This means interfaces on their software that even a child can operate. This is a bonus because with Google AdWords you can see how successful your campaigns are in real time. This alleviates the headache of wondering or waiting for results. This also allows for a better application of your investment dollars.


Once you’ve got your Google AdWords campaigns running, it doesn’t mean you can just sit on your can and things will just grow without you. You’ll need to perform continual maintenance to see how well your campaigns are going and what you’ll need to keep them upwards and onward. This calls for examining the statistical data regularly and fine-tuning your campaigns along the way. A professional knows how to do this easily thus if you’re too busy, this is the route to go. As you progress with your campaigns you’ll easily be able to see what works and what doesn’t. This allows for tweaking your campaigns for the best ROI. If you’ve hired a specialist in Google AdWords, you will be working in tandem with them. They’ll request things from you regarding actions you’ll need to take and they’ll educate you if you’ve got any questions. Together, you’ll easily make the best of your AdWords situation.

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The Importance Of Local SEO And Its Use

The Importance Of Local SEO And Its UseAnyone underestimating the power of local SEO is in for a rude awakening.  If you’ve found your sites and content on the low end of the search engine pages it’s likely because you’re not using SEO properly and specifically local SEO.

Putting Things Into Perspective

To put things into perspective so that you’ll know why local SEO is important, let’s look at the way people search for what they want.  People will go to their favorite search engine and type in what they want as well as the city or location they’re in.  The reasons for f this are quite simple and apparent.  They’re looking for convenience.  They want to get or have delivered what they want without depending on some great distance to do so.  Some like to go to a business and shop around while others are looking to save money.  If your business website doesn’t have its location and other contact data in the right and prominent positions on your web pages then no one is going to find you.  They’ll see your competition’s websites first and chances are you’ll never get into the spotlight.  Your pages must contain the name, phone, address, and so should all your content.


Where you place your information regarding your local on your site is important as well.  It allows for search engines that crawl your page for relevant information an easy task.  The search engines will look for where you’ve placed your information and how you’ve placed it.  Be cautious here in that if it looks spammy you’ll get the Google boot.  Be sure to make your content relevant and creative.

Type Of Content Makes Local SEO Work

With all sites, you’ll have a variety of content, mainly copy, pics, and videos.  This type of content can easily be tagged with your information especially if you’ve been connected to far ends of your community.  The copy and videos and pictures should connect your business with high searched activities in your area.  This can range from holiday events to historical and entertainment.  You’ll be able to connect your site to these events and when the public is searching for these events your site should pop up prominently.  This is where social media and local SEO comes in.

Social Media And Local SEO

Once you’ve got the public seeing your site via other searches, you’ll want them to connect to your social media accounts.  Having Facebook pages and other such venues, you should be regularly chatting it up with locals and make friends.  Always be courteous and supportive and offer discounts and goodies whenever you can.  These people should then discuss your business and build up a reservoir of inbound links to your site as well as valuable backlinks.  Satisfied customers should be encouraged to put up links to their websites and social media pages as this action will bring in ever increasing valuable organic traffic.

There are many variations on this theme and a bit of research and ingenuity should serve you well.

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Key Benefits of PPC Marketing

Key Benefits of PPC MarketingThere is no doubt that there are key advantages and disadvantages to both pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). PPC is a multi-billion-dollar business and made Google into the powerhouse that it is today. It is still the dominant force in Internet advertising and that is not likely to change in the future. It is a great complement to a strong organic SEO strategy as it can help get you to the top of the rankings immediately.

This is really the greatest benefit of PPC. It can be turned on and off as you need it to based on your website needs, where your business is, and what is trending at any given moment. Results can be immediate so long as you bid enough for the PPC slots and fund your account as you need to. You will immediately start to get targeted hits and have detailed information on everything from clicks to conversions if you set it up properly with a program such as Google Adwords. Of course, the flip side of this is that once you run out of budget or if you turn off the PPC campaign, the traffic will instantly disappear. This is why it is usually best as part of a larger plan that includes SEO marketing as well.

A second advantage of PPC is that you only have to pay for people who actually click through to your website. Unlike the previous predominant model which relied on impressions, PPC does not cost anything if no one is clicking through. This makes it less important to have the flashiest ad, although you do still want to create compelling ads so that you still get people to click- it just won’t cost you your budget if you don’t. This leaves room for you to experiment with ad types, especially when you are first getting started. Things like A/B testing become much easier to implement under this sort of operating model. Less money gets wasted on audiences who are not interested in your content based on your ad, so your money truly goes to a very targeted audience assuming your ad is truthful in presenting users with what they can expect once they click through to your website.

PPC also is a great way to further target your key demographics by setting the exact people, places, and times in which the ads will show. If you are geared to a regional audience, this is particularly great as you don’t have to bother displaying or paying for clicks to people who are not your target customer. It is also great to cater to your various market segments with truly unique and compelling ads and content (landing pages can be a great way to easily customize this for various customer segments).

Finally, the power of PPC is greatest when you leverage it with a strong SEO plan. If you can manage to rank well in organic results and be in the sponsored ads on the same ranking pages, you will notice that your traffic will really spike as you build that ethos of truly being a dominant player in the space. People will click through not only because they see your website more, but because they will realize that you are a serious player in the space. SEO can also help capture markets which are not really appropriate for PPC- namely those based off of long-tail and rare keywords which do not make sense to center paid campaigns around. Over the long run, however, this traffic can certainly amount to something so it is worth employing some strategies to cast that wider net as well.

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Personal SEO Is The Way To Go

Personal SEO Is The Way To GoIt’s tough enough to handle things as an SEO expert considering the various forms of SEO there are to understand.  Business SEO, Local SEO, are just a few of the areas of SEO that must be mastered if one is to get the profitable ranking positions in the search engines.  Now comes along Personal SEO and it’s a whole different approach altogether.

Personal SEO is where you construct your website and web presence to capitalize on your name.  For example, if your name is Joe Smith and you’re an expert in plumbing, then you want your name to epitomize plumbing to such a degree that when people search for you, they find you and your business references.  That may seem simple but it’s far from the case.  Personal SEO means hat you’ve got to position your name as foremost for your business niche and not have your name confused with others.  It also means you can’t have someone else with a different name to gain the high ground in the search engine results over you.  It’s tricky but it can be done.  There are insurmountable odds in some cases which we’ll detail here.

First of all, your website and blogs and social media information have to be precise and up to date.  It must also include the keywords and combinations of keywords, key phrases, and key groups that all point to the fact that your name is the personification of the business that you’re in.  Some people are fortunate that their names are unique.  Not common at all and by optimizing their web presence they can capitalize on such a name quite easily.  Other people often have hundreds of other people with the same name or variations of the same name thus causing confusion when a prospective client is looking for you via your name.  If there are 500 “Joe Smiths” in your state alone and 5 of them in a similar business, you’ll have a chore of differentiating yourself from them.  This now calls for expanding your web presence so that search engines will recognize you as the preeminent “Joe Smith” for your business niche.

Another problem is the fame game.  If by chance there’s a famous person or two or three who have the same name your chances of hitting the high marks in the search engines could be extremely challenging.  There’s no way around it other than lots of money or doing something so spectacular that your name rises to the top, even if it be a short time.

The biggest problem is if a person with the same name or if you yourself has made a fool or controversy of significant proportions on the web.  The worst case scenario is someone with a similar name who commits a heinous crime.  People rarely forget the name of a dire criminal and often that criminal’s name becomes a metaphor for the type of crimes society abhors.  In this case, there are extra strategies involved.

The bottom line here is that your name if used as your brand is your signal flag for promotion and position.  Personal SEO is how you fight this battle.  It will or won’t take lots of work, but it’s part of today’s big time SEO game you’ve got to win.

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